Moinhos Vera Cruz
Neste site, você encontrará informações sobre nossa empresa e seus produtos, dados sobre o controle de qualidade e certificações conquistadas por nossas unidades, além de poder consultar, regularmente, receitas à base de produtos dos Moinhos Vera Cruz capazes de deixar qualquer um com água na boca.


In May 1996 Moinhos Vera Cruz at Santa Luzia inaugurated its technology center which is one of the most modern laboratories for the analysis of Wheat and its derivatives in the Country. Furthermore, research and development of new products is carried out at the laboratory in addition to the entire quality control process. Scientific projects are also coordinated at many academic community centers of the Country.

Development of New Products

The Technological Center (MVCTECNO) of Moinhos Vera Cruz, together with its clients, has all the necessary know-how for the development of the ideal wheat for each kind of product: bakery, pastry, biscuits, etc.

Our Technological Center is capable of carrying out development of end of the line products. The entire line of bakery and pastries of Moinhos Vera Cruz was developed by MVCTECNO, joining the quality of its raw material to state of the art technology on the market. This entire process is carried out within its installations, from the initial phase of the project, developed at the laboratories and at the experimental bakery, all the way to the approval by the sensorial analysis team.

Quality control

Quality control ranges from the selection of wheat for purchase all the way to packaging of end of the line products. The laboratory team follows-up on the entire production process, from sampling of wheat to end of the line products.

Physical-chemical analysis
This is a set of analyses routinely carried out on the flour and the wheat to ensure product quality and to meet specifications established by clients in order to obtain their products. Many tests are carried out, such as: mineral contents, amount of gluten, enzymatic activity, humidity, protein contents, fat acidity.

Rheological Analysis
Tests carried out to establish the behavior of dough deriving from certain flour. The analyses results are important to give the adequate direction to the flours for products such as: bakery, dough, biscuits and cakes. We have the appropriate equipment to test the rheological properties of flours: farinograph, extensograph and consistoalveograph.

Pesticide Residues
Analysis of organophosporate pesticide residues in wheat and flour are carried out in a gas chromatograph in order to guarantee that the product complies with legislation in effect.

Sanitary Analysis
Routine tests are carried out to identify levels of impurity (insect fragments) and microbiologic analysis in order to ensure the hygienic quality of MVC raw material and products.

Sensorial Analysis
There is a trained team to evaluate the sensorial characteristics of wheat, wheat flour and bakery products. A small team tests the odor, taste of the wheat and flours for the development of products, larger teams work on the final approval of products and the change and approval of ingredients.

Academic Projects

The technological Center of Moinhos Vera Cruz maintains close relationships with the academic environment. MVCTECNO periodically receives students from the Food Engineering College at the Federal University of Viçosa (Faculdade de Engenharia de Alimentos da Universidade Federal de Viçosa), where projects and informal assistance are carried out, it also receives students from the Department of Agricultural Engineering and Entomology, where plague control activities are carried out. The Technological Center also maintains a relationship with Embrapa, at the National Corn and Soy Center (Centro Nacional de Milho e Soja), in Sete Lagoas.

As a project, MVCTECNO formalized collaboration with professor Franklin Rumjanek, from the Biochemistry Department/CCS at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro- UFRJ), to participate in studies for the molecular characterization of wheat aiming at identifying its technological quality.